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Take your health to the Next Level

Next Level Sports & Rehabilitation is more than massage therapy. It's about studying the bodies movement patterns, assessing imbalances, releasing muscles causing pain & discomfort and to improve athletic performance.


Massage Therapy 

Massage techniques such as relaxing Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports massage with compression, performance massage before or after competition. We also offer aromatherapy and CBD infused oils that can be added to any massage therapy session.


Stretch Therapy

A stretch therapy session is great for highly active people. It's also great for hips and legs. Stretching techniques can be passive, active, assist-resist, myofascial stretch therapy, hot towels, and  compression. Ideal for lower body, runners, body maintenance, and minor problems.


Functional Movement Screening

Have you ever wanted an exact Blueprint of where your body has imbalances, limitations, asymmetries? Do you want an exact baseline of where you should start with your fitness training? Have you ever worked with a personal trainer and they kill your legs the very first session only to discourage you even more from getting back into exercise?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Functional Movement Screening is your answer. Schedule your FMS today! Next Level Lifestyle!


Sports Injury Rehab

Sports injuries like muscle sprains, strains, subluxation/dislocations, and overuse injuries are treated with sports injury rehab sessions. We use different tools to treat the injuries, such as sport taping (Rocktape), Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (scraping) to reduce scar tissue, myofascial release cupping, PowerDot EMS/TENS. 


Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is used to increase circulation, reduce pain, remove adhesions, and stimulates the lymphatic system. Functional movement with the cups, myofascial stretch, and localized cup placements can be used during the cupping sessions. They can be added to any of your therapy sessions or you can schedule a cupping therapy session that only focuses on cupping.



The goal of prehabilitation is to Increase functional capacity prior to surgery and to improve recovery time following the surgery. Poor posture and movement compensation over time can cause tightness, and unnecessary strain on joints and muscles. This is not physical therapy, traditional rehab, or exercise training. Prehabilitation focuses on re-educating the mind-body with corrective exercise, vibrational therapy (PowerPlate) mobility, stability and resolving structural problems. 


Stability Training

In everyday movements like walking, sitting, squatting, lunging, and running it is crucial for the body to maintain stability.  Stability training sessions are great for women after giving birth (especially C-Sections), overhead movement athletes, and rotational athletic movements. 


Basic Training Program

This is an 8 week program that focuses on resolving the bodies most critical limitations: posture, coordination, balance, movement, and stability. This program requires 4 office visits and 8 weeks of at home specific exercises. Office visits are 90 min. including 30 min of movement training and 60 min of massage therapy techniques. After the 8 week program and progress is shown in the movement re-test then a more Advanced Training Program can be discussed.